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Internal Design


Carry out our in-house design of electronics equipment for data acquisition and communication applications. We shall be abreast with the current technology trends in other major industries in consideration to technology adaptation suitable for marine industry applications.

External Design


'We are open upon request to design data acquisition and communication services in accordance with customer specifications and design parameters. We can even go further by providing turnkey electronic board design, fabrication, and even PCBA service with our vast linkages to PCB assembly companies.



We are offering our products for both Original Equipment Manufacturing and also Original Design Manufacturing so you as our partners do not have to carry out lengthy, time and resource-consuming research & development because we had it done and envisioned for you. 

Note: The product label depicted in the image is a sample only.



Consultation service in evaluation, inspection & testing, assessment, cost analysis, maintenance program development, and repair of marine electronics equipment.


Consultation service of marine electronics equipment which may have already been discontinued and declared obsolete to verify the degree of repairability and possibility of modification to extend the useful life.

Consultation service in evaluation and assessment of onboard marine electronics installation in support to ship takeover/handover projects and provide shipowner vital information in decision making for best option to pursue.

Skills training solutions to help marine service companies provide hands-on technical training of technicians to gain knowledge, skill, and expertise in marine electronics.


Subcontracting solutions to help marine service companies tackle the shortage of manpower in projects like installation and commissioning, annual maintenance, and repair of marine electronics equipment.

External products and brands handled professionally:



“when there is signal,  there is data"


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