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We have come a long way in our passionate journey to come up with this final product. Learning invaluable lessons and even scrapping the entire version1 of board design because it failed on our expectations. 

Now introducing our flagship maiden product with parts carefully selected to do their jobs under strict criteria and harsh environment onboard ships to ensure a continuous uninterrupted stable performance in assisting and enhancing the delivery of information between marine electronics equipment.


Gone are the tedious task to open the enclosure to make connections. Our ergonomically designed robust ABS plastic enclosure specifically positioning the terminal connection block for easy accessibility in screwless connectivity. The only product in the market with both options in mounting conditions whether screwed on the bulkhead, tabletop, overhead or even DIN rail mounting is included at no additional cost.


Our extensive experience working onboard ships and our professional interactions with seasoned marine officers made us understand the concerns of navigators who safely manning the ships 24hrs a day. This leads us to incorporate a function to disable the output ports LED indicators in response to the concerns of bridge navigators regarding light distraction during night navigation whenever our products are mounted prominently in wheelhouse navigation area.




Ultimate isolated serial to USB interface cable for connection between PC/laptop computer, or mobile phone to any NMEA0183 serial talker for TX/RX testing and connectivity termination. Optically isolated input to adopt NMEA standard protocol and also acts as protection to mobile phone when testing.

Ongoing Projects:



This is an ongoing project and currently in optimization of firmware codes for the eventual release of an auto select dual GPS input NMEA Buffer Distributor with capabilities to monitor, analyze GPS data if valid or invalid, fresh or stale, checksum calculations, and even process and convert other current and future satellite constellations like GALILEO (Euro), GLONASS (Russia), and BEIDOU (China).



A simultaneous activity we currently immersed in the process of design stage of firmware code, hardware board design and layout for a 2-input multiplexer with 4-output RS-422. 

Concept Projects:



In the conceptualization stage is our future 4-input multiplexer with 2 RS-422 out. This will greatly save situations when existing cable pairs not enough to interface to all of the NMEA talkers.



In the conceptualization stage is our future speed log emergency kit. A good application in interfacing with VDR/SVDR and ECDIS or RADAR. Can use also as a speed log 200 pulse per nautical mile to serial converter.

Watch for this, we personally loved this concept. 


Based on STN11USB design but added standard AIS Pilot Plug adapter with extra 3 metre USB extender cable.



“when there is signal,  there is data"


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