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STN11USB is a single input-single output NMEA to USB interface cable for data communication. In conformance to NMEA input requirements, optoisolator is utilized with the capability to accept any NMEA input and converted into USB signal for processing either via a laptop computer or mobile serial application software. 


Likewise, it can output RS-422 NMEA data for interfacing from a laptop computer, and mobile phone to an interfaced machine.


The intended application is for quick testing and diagnosis of NMEA data to view the packets and determine the signal integrity and also be able to simulate NMEA data for injection into the NMEA data communication system. The optically isolated input also protects mobile phone mini-USB ports from possible damage due to spurious unknown NMEA input signal.

STN11USB - NMEA to Serial USB Converter

$70.00 Regular Price
$50.00Sale Price


    “when there is signal,  there is data"


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