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Geared towards the success of marine service companies, system integrators, boaters, shipowners, and shipbuilders in marine electronics projects.​Enhance and strengthen the process of system integration, interfacing, connectivity and be able to implement seamless communication between various navigation, radio communication, and other marine electronics equipment in monitoring, relaying, extraction, conversion, and data interfacing in the most straightforward, user-friendly, plug-and-play type setup box with ease.    

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A team passionate about marine electronics technology research and development.  Marine electronics professionals with more than 15 years of experience in the marine industry offshore and onshore installations. We fully understand the ship electronics conditions, requirements, limitations, and potential in regard to the implementation of data communications and providing solutions in addressing the importance of signal acquisition, data distribution, extraction, conversion of information between marine electronics equipment by utilizing the best possible technologies available.   

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  • Products designed for interfacing marine electronics equipment based on NMEA0183 protocol of serial data communications. Presently, available is our buffer distributor and will eventually expand our portfolio to multiplexer, converter, splitter, wireless communication.

  • Consultancy service in the evaluation, monitoring, extraction, conversion, design, and development of data acquisition and communication systems.

  • Consultancy service in support of shipowner projects in ship takeover/ handover.

  • Consultancy service in installation, commissioning, repair, and maintenance of marine electronics equipment.

  • Subcontracting solutions and skills training solutions to marine service companies.






Yokogawa kn <-> mA Converterter



“when there is signal,  there is data"


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