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To be a renowned brand worldwide in the design, manufacture, and distribution of products in marine electronics and allied industries that express and convey dependability, reliability, and excellence. These have been the core values that we believed in.




Computer Circuit Board Macro



Computer Circuit Board

Taking inspiration from pioneers of sailing and present-day sailors, our mindset is:

Build and distribute products to help the marine industry and mankind in general with technologies that address solutions to issues in man's quest to evolve for survival. 



Our Story:

The journey began onboard a seagoing vessel with problems on ground loops and data corruption in one of the major safety navigation equipment. After numerous failed attempts using the existing products in the market, a design that we believed and depended on was the only way to assure a reliable solution.

Out of necessity, a full isolation design was born which we have registered as ISOF ® Technology.


In ISOF ® Technology, all data are protected and ushered into the sea of tranquility amidst the waves of electric and magnetic interference.  Assuring clean and clear data inside and out.


This has been the basis in all our designs and relentless product iterations to stamp that seal of dependability, reliability, and excellence.





Circuit Board


“when there is signal,  there is data"


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